JKS ALL hair defender PLEX™
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JKS ALL hair defender PLEX™ '&' Protects and Repair Hair During Color, Highlights, High Lift Colors, Bleaching, Ombre, Balayage, Toners, Perms, Straightening & Relaxer Chemical Services without adjusting the manufacturer suggested mixing formulas. Can be used with any brand of product. JKS ALL hair defender PLEX™ is based on a new and exclusive molecular technology composed of a blend of active molecules. The core of this innovative technology is a molecule characterized by Amino groups placed at the edges of the Polymer chain. This peculiarity allows the Polymer chain to assume a “horseshoe” shape and this allows it to bind tightly to the hair. Moreover, the chemical/physical characteristics of the active ingredients selected, allow the complex to settle on the hair. (patent pending)

JKS ALL hair defender PLEX™ 2 -4 Application kit

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